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2 Dec 2021 Statistical classic keeping up with changes in society

The newly published Statistical Yearbook of Finland 2021 is a comprehensive volume of statistics on Finland and Finnish society. The long time series give an overall picture of the development of our society right up to today.

15 Nov 2021 Our website is being renewed – test the beta pages of statistics and give us feedback

We are renewing the content and structure of our website to serve users of statistical data better than before. With the Statistical data beta pages we are now testing the functioning of the new statistical pages from the viewpoint of users.  

14 Oct 2021 What effect has corona crisis had on gender equality?

The corona pandemic has affected men and women in different ways. Women’s employment fell more during 2020, and women also felt that loneliness had increased more often than men did. Remote work grew less among men than among women. The data have been compiled into the Gender Equality in Finland 2021 publication.

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