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27 Apr 2017 Municipal councillors are highly educated

Persons elected to municipals councils are more highly educated than those entitled to vote and the candidates. Elected councillors also have a higher income level than average for persons entitled to vote. These data can be found in Statistics Finland's review on the candidates and elected councillors in the Municipal elections.

25 Apr 2017 Statistics Finland becomes the statistical information service channel for the Finnish Government

On 24 April, Statistics Finland opened the statistical information service for the Prime Minister’s Office, the ministries, the Office of the President of the Republic of Finland and the Office of the Chancellor of Justice. The service is part of the existing general information service of Statistics Finland’s information specialists.

11 Apr 2017 Election map service is now open

Statistics Finland's free election map service allows you to examine e.g. voting turnout, party support and changes in it by various area levels. Municipal election 2017 election map service

6 Apr 2017 Century comparisons

During her independence, Finland has changed considerably. Changes can be seen in the major policies of society as well as in small everyday matters. In the century comparisons we present the change with the help of figures from the early years of independence and the present day.

31 Mar 2017 Majority of Municipal election candidates men

Sixty per cent of the candidates in the Municipal elections are men. The average age of all candidates is 50 years.  More information on the education and income of the candidates is available in the review produced by Statistics Finland.


Changes in statistics

3 April 2017 Base year for the indices of owner-occupied housing prices is changed

16 March 2017 Revisions in the statistics on local government finances change data for general government

15 March 2017 Changes in the periodic tax return data used in turnover indices

15 March 2017 Quarterly and monthly data are published separately


Last updated 28 Apr 2017