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28 Feb 2023 Statistics Finland's new visual image communicates about the future of information

Statistics Finland's visual identity is being renewed. Statistics Finland's strategy and target vision updated in spring 2022 were taken as the basis for the new image. The renewal of the image includes the logo, colour palette, font and other visual identification factors of the organisation. The new image will be gradually introduced into our products and services.

15 Feb 2023 Wealth of information is available on children but it is scattered – developing a knowledge base requires cooperation

Statistics Finland has investigated the state of knowledge on children as part of the National Child Strategy. The aim of this strategy measure was to combine indicators of child wellbeing into a single knowledge base and to identify information gaps. To support future development, a proposal was made for the implementation of a child data portal. 

10 Feb 2023 Changes to legislation concerning Statistics Finland

Amendments are made to the Act on Statistics Finland and the Statistics Act and they enter into force on 1 March 2023. The amendments concern Statistics Finland's new tasks and right to collect data. 

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