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7 Feb 2017 Statistical competitions for the media and students are running

In honour of Finland's centenary, we arrange two competitions related to the utilisation of statistics. In the statistics in the media competition we look for the best data utilising statistics in the media. In the competition for students we search for the best electronic implementation to illustrate statistics. Read more

6 Feb 2017 Information on immigrants on thematic pages

The Immigrants and integration thematic pages present key data on Finland's population with immigrant background and on international migration in the past few years.

25 Jan 2017 Paavo knows your area of residence

Which of Finland's postal code areas has the most educated population? And where do you find most residential buildings or free-time residences? The data can be found from Statistics Finland’s free-of-charge Paavo service. The service’s data have been updated today, on Paavo's name day.

14 Dec 2016 Finland under one cover

The Statistical Yearbook of Finland 2016 is a comprehensive volume of statistics on Finland, Finns, and Finnish society. The Yearbook reveals, for example, how much our population grew last year, how many marriages were entered into or how many times Finns moved during the year.

13 Dec 2016 Popularity of museums rising all over the world

Visits to museums have increased in many countries. In Estonia, museum visits have doubled in 12 years, the number of visits in Finland has grown by nearly 30 per cent in ten years.


Changes in statistics

7 March 2017 Publication of the statistics on central government guarantees will be discontinued

6 March 2017 Indices of real estate prices are revised

10 February 2017 Information about data revisions to the Volume Index of Industrial Output

9 February 2017 Recording of factoryless goods production in international trade changes

Last updated 22 Mar 2017