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26 Feb 2021 Data on international trade concerning 2019 became revised in national accounts and balance of payments

The data on international trade concerning 2019 became significantly revised in the national accounts data released on 26 February 2021. The updated data were calculated in national accounts based on enterprises' financial statements for 2019 and breakdowns of profit and loss accounts.

25 Feb 2021 Processing of mutual fund dividends from abroad is developed

Statistics Finland and Eurostat are assessing the supplemented source data on primary income received from abroad and its recording. These entries may have an effect especially on the financial balance, current account, financial accounts and gross national income of employment pension schemes and general government.

11 Feb 2021 Markus Sovala appointed Director General of Statistics Finland

The Government has appointed Markus Sovala as Director General of Statistics Finland for a five-year term starting from 1 March 2021. Sovala is currently employed as Economic Policy Coordinator at the Ministry of Finance.

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Last updated 26 Feb 2021