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22 Jun 2022 Methodological change in statistics on general government debt

Statistics Finland will revise the method by which interest subsidy loans of rental dwellings and right of occupancy houses are treated in the national and financial accounts. The methodological change affects general government consolidated EDP debt.

15 Jun 2022 Data of the statistics on bankruptcies and business restructuring proceedings for May have been published

The data of the statistics on bankruptcies and business restructuring proceedings for May scheduled for publication tomorrow, 16 June, were released on our website for a moment due to a technical problem. To guarantee equal access to information, it was decided that statistical data would be released already today.

2 Jun 2022 Finland in Figures 2022 – key figures on Finland and Finns

Statistics Finland’s new Finland in Figures 2022 publication describes us and our society. The pocket-sized publication contains information on the population, economy, society and environment as statistical figures and charts. All persons permanently resident in Finland are included in these statistical figures, as is every home, school, workplace, free-time residence or car.

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