Statistical databases

The statistical databases of Statistics Finland contain a wide selection of statistical data in table format to meet the needs of a variety of users.

The free of charge databases contain a vast amount of basic data from Finland and around the world. The charged databases provide longer time series and more detailed data on diverse topics. The links to the ordering instructions, price lists, conditions on use and agreement forms of the charged databases can be found on the web page of each database.

Statistics Finland's databases have been implemented with the PX-Web technology.
The charged databases can be used free of charge at the Library of Statistics.

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Free of charge

Key statistical data on Finland: thousands of tables on different subjects, updated daily.


The new file names and locations following the StatFin renewal, as well as the download links for the entire PX file are found on the Statistics Finland, open data and interfaces page.


Financial data reported by municipalities and joint municipal authorities

The database contains key figures calculated by Statistics Finland describing the finances of municipalities and joint municipal authorities. The database also contains data on the revenues and costs, investments, financing, assets, debts and activities of municipalities and joint municipal authorities reported by them.

Paavo - Open data by postal code area  Statistical data by postal code area on population, housing, employment, education and income. Introduction

Key figures of environmental accounts

Key figures related to environmental accounts.


Immigrants and integration database

Key data on the population with immigrant background and on international migration in the past few years.


Road traffic accidents

Database tables and ready-made graphs on road traffic accidents. Implemented in cooperation with other organisations. See also traffic accidents as geographical data.

Eurostat main tables Key data on EU Member States, updated daily with latest data from Eurostat. Introduction
International tables Key statistics and data of international data producers in a PX-Web database. Introduction
Subject to charge
Time series database Astika Data on economic trends and statistics on the economy as monthly, quarterly and annual time series. Login
Bulletin of Statistics Key monthly and quarterly economic and trend time series. Login


Last updated 16 Mar 2018