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We are renewing our website

We have remodelled the statistics pages of our website. We focused on retrievability of statistical data and the mobile usability and accessibility of the website. The renewal of our website will continue later one section at a time.
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We are renewing our website


We are renewing our website – API queries need to be updated


Statistics Finland will renew part of its website, the statistics pages, on Tuesday, 5 April 2022. The renewal influences the structure of the StatFin database, and the changing of links has an effect especially on interface (API) use.

Good feedback to Statistics Finland from the peer review


The review team of the European Statistical System is satisfied with the activities of Finland's national statistical service. Eurostat has today published the results of the peer review of Statistics Finland and other producers of statistics.

Fundamental principles of statistics into broader use in society


This year the fundamental principles of statistical work prepared by the United Nations Statistical Commission will be 30 years old. The fundamental principles provide a sound basis for the management and dissemination of information, especially in the public sector. (Tieto&trendit)

Renewed guide instructs about remote access use of research data


The Remote access to research data guide has been published for you who are planning a survey using enterprise or individual-level research data or want to learn more about the use of data sets. By means of the guide you can also learn more about the SISU microsimulation model.