Grid net for statistics 1 km x 1 km

Grid net for statistics 1 km x 1 km covers whole of Finland. The grid net includes all grid cells in Finland.

The location reference of a grid cell is the coordinates of the bottom left corner of each grid cell. An identifier in accordance with national conventions (consecutive numbering).

A more detailed description of the data can be found in Paikkatietohakemisto (the geographic data index).

Map view

A map from Paikkatietoikkuna containing a section of the data in Statistics grid 1 km x 1 km. By zooming out the map you get a broader view.


User instructions for maps

Click the layerlist logo above to view the map layers.
Move the map to where you want it by dragging the map.
Zoom in and zoom out to the desired scale level step by step by clicking the (+) and (-) signs.
Objects on the map often contain additional information hidden behind them. Click an object to view information about that object.
Update the map to a previous view by clicking the right mouse button and the update function.


Auxiliary table for interpreting grid data

Download the Statistics grid 1 km municipality key in Excel format (around 39 Mt). You can open the file directly in a spreadsheet program.

Download the Statistics grid 1 km municipality key in CSV format (around 62 Mt) to your computer. You can open the file for example with a spreadsheet program. Then you can select text as the format for column data and the zeros in front of the municipality codes remain in place.

Auxiliary table description

The statistics grid 1 km municipality key includes municipality codes for 2005 and from 2010 onwards yearly. The grid cell gets the code of the municipality that has the largest area in the grid cell. Location information is defined in the EUREF-FIN coordinate system.

Identification code for statistics grid cell, national consecutive numbering
Identification code for statistics grid cell, grid cell code according to the INSPIRE specification
X coordinate in the left bottom corner of the grid cell
Y coordinate in the left bottom corner of the grid cell
Municipality code in text format
Municipality code numerically