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The index of turnover in industry describes turnover of manufacturing enterprises. Indices are calculated for turnover, domestic and export turnover. The data are collected with a sales inquiry and from the Tax Administration's data. Preliminary data and the actual indicator are both published once a month.


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In connection with the statistical release made in February 2023, the newest industries defined by the Business Register have been adopted in the index of turnover in industry.
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release | Index of turnover in industry 2023, January
release | Index of turnover in industry 2023, January, preliminary data
release | Index of turnover in industry 2022, December
release | Index of turnover in industry 2022, December, preliminary data
release | Index of turnover in industry 2022, November
release | Index of turnover in industry 2022, November, preliminary data

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Index of turnover in industry, trend series

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Referencing instructions

The statistical data released before 5.4.2022 can be found on the archive pages of the statistics.

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