Paavo - Open data by postal code area

Paavo - The open data by postal code area service contains versatile statistical data and map data. You can use the data in decision-making and planning or to learn more about your area of residence.

The data can be retrieved from Statistics Finland's geographic information interface and from Paikkatietoikkuna, and you do not have to register to use them. The statistical data are also available in the PxWeb service.

The data contain key indicators with which the areas can easily be described and compared. Paavo contains data on the population structure, the degree of education, the income of the inhabitants and households, the size of households and life stage, buildings and dwellings, workplaces, and the main activities of the inhabitants.


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Paavo statistical data and map data are updated annually in January.

If you did not find the information you were looking for, data by postal code area can also be ordered tailored to your needs. Kindly contact us by email:

Also, look at the Grid Database (chargeable product) where the corresponding data content is available by map grid.

Extracts from the Paavo database

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Age structure of population by postal code area 2013

Workplaces by industry and postal code area 2012

Population by main type of activity and postal code area 2012