PX suite (former PC-Axis suite)

The PX suite is a collection of programs developed for the distribution and processing of statistical tables. They offer diverse possibilities to distribute and edit even large statistical tables, and to change structures, combine tables, make calculations and convert into other file formats.


PX-Web is a free web-based table distribution system for statistics producers. All Nordic statistical institutes use the PX-Web system. More information about the distribution system can be found on the pages of Statistics Sweden (SCB).

All of Statistics Finland's statistical databases have been created with the PX-Web distribution solution. In addition to Statistics Finland, some other producers of Official Statistics of Finland also maintain PX-Web databases.


PX-Win has replaced the old PC-Axis program. PX-Win is an end user application for browsing and editing PX files. We recommend the PX-Win program to our data users who need to process multi-dimensional tables efficiently. PX-Win is also useful when you need to search for tables that are too large to be processed as a whole in a browser or in a regular spreadsheet program. You can also use the program to contact PX-Web-API databases across the world.

PX-Win installation program (always the latest version), all Windows versions:

The program is also available on the pages of Statistics Sweden (SCB).

PX-Edit and PX-Job

We recommend the PX-Edit program for processing tables to professionals and those producing PX files. PX-Edit can, for example, be used to create PX files from various data sources, edit files manually, maintain and enrich metadata, validate PX files, combine data and run database reports. PX-Edit is suitable for processing large files.

Using the program requires basic knowledge of the PC-Axis file format. Instructions are found in the installation package of the program.

PX-Job is a command line-based version of PX-Edit that is suitable for automating standard functions.

PX-Edit 3.3 installation package (always the latest version), Windows Vista and newer versions:

PX-Edit 3.2 installation package , Windows XP and newer versions:

PC-Axis (old program, no longer supported)

Installation option 1: pca2008setup1.zip, the INI file is a zipped file in the windows folder (2011-10-19).

Installation option 2: pca2008setup2.zip, the INI file is a zipped file in the folder of the PC-Axis program (2011-10-19).

Installation option 3: pca2008setup3.zip, the .txt file of PC-Axis includes information where the INI file can be found.

The INI file has been added to the c:\pcaxis\ini folder and the c:\pcaxis\temp folder.

The user can change it to another folder (zip) (2011-10-19).


Statistics Finland organises training on designing PX-Web distribution databases and the tools for maintenance (PX-Win and PX-Edit). More information on courses and statistical training can be found on our training pages (In Finnish).

Further information

Email: tietokannat@stat.fi

More information on the programs and their use can also be found on Statistics Sweden’s (SCB) home page for the PX suite.