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Papers are increasingly read online

23 June 2014
In 2013, 92 per cent of Finns were reading printed newspapers and magazines at least weekly. However, papers are increasingly followed digitally, as reading of papers particularly with smart phones and tablets has fast become widespread. >>>


Middle-aged people spend most money on culture and recreation

17 June 2014
Households spent, on average, EUR 3,636 on culture and recreation in 2012. Most money on culture and recreation was used by households where the reference person was aged between 45 and 54. >>>

Review of national accounts changes economic figures

16 June 2014
Statistics Finland has published preliminary estimates on the impacts of the introduction of the reviewed European System of Accounts, ESA 2010, on gross domestic product and other key economic figures in Finland. According to the estimates, the level of GDP is estimated to rise, on average, by around four per cent over the 2000s. >>>

Women and Men in Finland

12 June 2014
What kinds of differences are there in the education of women and men? What about employment relationships? Statistics Finland's publication Women and Men in Finland 2014 contains statistical data on the position of women and men in society and on gender equality. >>>

Finland and Finns in the main focus of the 2014 Apps4Finland challenges >>>

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