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Election statistics, statistics on economic trends and justice statistics off the list of statistics under threat

10 November 2014
Based on the feedback from users, Statistics Finland has decided to remove election statistics, certain statistics on economic trends and some justice statistics from the list of statistics under threat presented in September. Clarifications still continue as concerns other statistics under threat. >>>


One-fifth of self-employed persons became entrepreneurs forced by circumstances

29 October 2014
Approximately 40 per cent of self-employed persons without employees are clearly entrepreneurial driven. Around one-fifth of self-employed persons have become entrepreneurs forced by circumstances. >>>

Data users are heard about changes to statistics

26 September 2014
Statistics Finland will hear data users about the planned changes to the statistics and service selection before making any final decisions. >>>

Budget cuts force to reduce statistics production

19 September 2014
The cuts directed at Statistics Finland's operating expenditure in 2015 to 2017 will lead to reductions in our statistical production. Services must be pruned and the possibility of employee co-operation negotiations has not been ruled out. >>>

The Environment Statistics Yearbook as an online service >>>

International Statistical Literacy Competition is ongoing >>>

Energy in Finland - new pocketbook of energy statistics >>>


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