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Statistics on foreign shipping traffic describe waterborne transport of goods and passengers between Finland and foreign countries as well as on the number of vessels in international transport calling Finnish ports. The data are obtained from the PortNet system and published monthly and annually.


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The coronavirus pandemic still had a strong impact on the number of passengers in foreign sea transport, which in 2021 reached only 32 per cent of the 2019 level before the pandemic. A total of 94.1 million tonnes of goods were transported in foreign sea transport; the volume decreased by two per cent from the previous year. These figures are final data for Statistics Finland's statistics on foreign shipping traffic.

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Sjötransport av transportfordon efter ham

TotalAutomobilesBusesTrucksTrailersOther transport equipment
Eckerö29,68927,9011021,6833data missing
Hanko64,14128data missing2,31561,798data missing
Kemi2,511data missingdata missing21412,449
Haminakotka3,561data missingdata missing193,542data missing
Långnäs69654228126data missingdata missing
Naantali41,3973,98137932,6764,361data missing
Oulu3,251data missingdata missing122153,024
Pietarsaari119data missingdata missing2693data missing
Rauma553data missingdata missing5548data missing
Uusikaupunki18,375data missingdata missing27018,105data missing
Vaasa17,83010,486476,598data missing699

Carriage of containers by sea by port [FIRST]-[LAST]


Passenger Traffic between Finland and foreign countries by port and country

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