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... 3 Heating of domestic water 10 082 16,5 Other electrical equipment 6 209 10,2 Heating of saunas 3 063 5,0 Lighting 1 512 2,5 Cooking ...


Documentation of statistics Buildings and free-time residences

... on electrification or running water and sewage connections. According to a sample-based survey (Kesämökkibarometri 2021), 79 per cent of free-time residences fell within the scope ...


[Archive content] Quality Description: Rents of dwellings

... rent includes separately payable water and heating charges, but not compensations paid for the use of amenities such as sauna or laundry room. Telephone and electricity charges are ...

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[Archive content] Prices and Costs

... areas, cleaning, heating, water supply and sewage, electricity, waste management, insurance against loss or damage, and running maintenance. International price comparison The objective of international ...


Documentation of statistics Producer price indices

... ranging from minerals to water and waste management services. The Export Price Index covers categories A-E, that is, commodities ranging from agricultural products to water and waste ...


Documentation of statistics Environmental and energy taxes

... oil waste charges, water protection charges and waste tax. Transport taxes comprise the automobile tax, vehicle tax and motor vehicle tax. Resource taxes comprise licence fees for ...


Documentation of statistics Greenhouse gases

... include emissions from land, water and air transport by Finnish citizens and from Finnish fishing vessels abroad; - Emissions from land, water and air transport by foreign nationals ...