Questionnaire Testing and Design

When preparing a data collection questionnaire, it is important that the questions and the questionnaire are well formulated. Clear questions, understandable terms and easy-to-use questionnaire make responding easier and improve the quality of data. They also reduce the need for post-processing of data.

A good question measures what it is meant to measure.

Our services

We offer the following chargeable services for the development of data collection questionnaires:

  • Research and testing
  • Training and consultancy

Research and testing

We study and test questions, concepts and data collection methods with qualitative methods. Our most common methods are cognitive interviews, the expert panel and the focus group interview. Read more about the methods.

We perform quality assessments both on the questionnaires that are in the planning stage and on questionnaires already in use. We have a separate interview facility and equipment for recording the interviews.

Training and consultancy

We offer consulting on data collection questionnaires and data collection to order. On agreement, we plan and carry out customised courses or individual lessons. We tailor the content of training events to the customer's needs. Our ready-made courses are:

  • Design and implementation of the survey
  • Art of asking and evaluation of data collection questionnaires.

Information about pricing

The prices are agreed case by case. Information on the pricing of Statistics Finland’s Services.

Last updated 14 Apr 2023