Grid Database

The Grid Database is a chargeable product that contains Statistics Finland's coordinate based statistical data calculated by map grid.

Data by map grids gives an opportunity to observe phenomena in different areas independently of administrative boundaries. The product contains data by selected key variables describing the population's structure, education, main type of activity and income, households' stage in life and income, as well as buildings and workplaces. There are three versions of the product according to grid size. The available grid sizes are 250 m x 250 m, 1 km x 1 km and 5 km x 5 km. The grids cover the whole of Finland.

The Grid Database is used both in the private and in the public sector for marketplace targeting, marketing planning, research and analysis or planning of areas.

The Grid Database is updated annually with the latest statistical data. The database is available as GIS data (Esri Shapefile, OGC GeoPackage or MapInfo) or in table format. Since 2011 the Grid Database is produced in the ETRS89-TM35FIN coordinate system (EUREF-FIN).

The Grid Database is delivered through web distribution.

The corresponding data content is available by postal code area and municipality in the Paavo service. Population grid data is available in Statistics Finland's open geographic data (1 km x 1 km and 5 km x 5 km).