Recommendation on Quality Description

All OSF statistics must be accompanied by a quality description. The quality description should be a concise assessment of the quality, reliability and suitability of the statistics for different purposes. Its central objective is to show how the OSF quality criteria are fulfilled in the statistics in question.

This recommendation for a quality description was approved at a meeting of the Advisory Board of Official Statistics of Finland on 25 January 2007. It will be reviewed against feedback from users.

Publication of quality description and referring to it

A quality description is published at the same time as the statistics concerned, so that the users of the statistics have easy access to it. The quality description is posted on the publisher's website and the web address of the description is given in all publishing formats of the statistics. The quality description can also be published as part of a printed publication.

The quality description always relates to statistical data released at a certain point of time. Different versions of the quality description will be stored.

Where necessary, the quality description can refer:

In compilation publications of several different statistics, reference can be made to the quality description by table or data group. If included are both OSF statistics and other statistics, OSF statistics and their quality descriptions can be indicated with the OSF symbol in, for example, source references.

Contents of a quality description

1. Relevance of statistical information

2. Accuracy and reliability of data

3. Timeliness and promptness of data

4. Coherence and comparability of data

5. Accessibility and clarity of data

Last updated 14.5.2014

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Official Statistics of Finland (OSF): Recommendation on Quality Description [e-publication].
Helsinki: Advisory Board of OSF [Referred: 28.1.2015].
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