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17 May 2019 New guidelines for the evaluation of greenhouse gas emissions

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and its 195 parties have approved revised methodological guidelines for the evaluation of greenhouse gas emissions and removals. The new guidelines supplement the currently used guidelines, for example, in terms of default values and emission factors. 

13 May 2019 Statistics Finland establishes a cooperation network to develop Finnish UN indicators

In February 2019, the website of UN indicators for sustainable development was published. During spring, Statistics Finland will establish a cooperation network consisting of the key data producers to support the maintenance and development of the indicators.

3 Apr 2019 Production of statistics on wage and salary indices is discontinued for the time being

Statistics Finland discontinues the production of data on wage and salary indices for the time being due to deficiencies in the data. Deficiencies in the data are caused by that all the required data have not yet been reported to the Incomes Register. Read more

26 Mar 2019 As of 7 May 2019 statistical releases will be published at 8 am

Statistics Finland will advance the publication of its statistical releases so that in future, releases are published on the website at 8 am. The present time of release is 9 am. The change will concern all statistical releases starting from 7 May.

26 Mar 2019 Sales records for Finnish art centre around a few artists

Altogether 48 times at least EUR 200,000 has been paid for a Finnish painting sold at a Finnish art auction. For seven paintings, EUR half a million or more was paid. These data derive from Statistics Finland’s Cultural Statistics table service.


Changes in statistics

2 April 2019  Production of statistics on wage and salary indices is discontinued for the time being

25 March 2019 Several changes to the Consumer Survey starting from May 2019

15 March 2019 The tax classification in the statistics on Taxes and tax-like payments will be renewed

14 March 2019 Review to the industry of video game enterprises taken into account in the index of turnover of services in March 2019

13 March 2019 Compilation of statistics on oil products has been transferred to Statistics Finland













Last updated 17 May 2019