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The survey of retail trade is conducted at intervals of a fixed number of years as an inquiry among enterprises that cover all branches of retail trade. Enterprises into the survey sample are selected so that they represent all enterprise size categories from all branches of retail trade. The responses received from the sampled enterprises are multiplied to represent data for all the enterprises in the frame by branch. The data describe the distribution of retail trade turnover by product, retail trade purchases by type of supplier and retail sales floor areas. The first periodical survey was conducted in 2003 concerning 2002 and the next one will concern the year 2007.

Data content

The statistics describe the turnover in retail trade is distributed between different product categories, maintenance and repair services, wholesale trade and turnover not obtained from trade. In addition, enterprises are asked to provide information about goods suppliers and sales floor areas. The enterprise-specific data collected for the statistics are confidential.

Classifications used

Statistics Finland’s periodical survey of retail trade is based on the EU regulation concerning structural business statistics (58/97). The used industrial classification is the national standard industrial classification TOL 2002 which complies with the regulation and is based on NACE Rev. 1, the General Industrial Classification of Economic Activities within the European Communities. The used product classification is CPA, in which products are classified by activity.

Data collection methods and data sources

The raised data produced from those collected direct from enterprises are published on the Internet by branch of activity at the 4-digit level. The sample comprises approximately 2,300 enterprises, selected on the basis of size category and branch of activity so that the data they supply produce a representative picture of the structure of retail trade turnover in different branches. The data are forwarded to Eurostat.

Data collections

Updating frequency

Every five years.

Time of completion or release

In accordance with the regulation, the data are completed with a delay of 18 months from the end of the statistical reference year.

Time series

The data are collected every five years. The first data relate to the year 2002.


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