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The web service is available in Finnish, Swedish and English. The language versions have limited content.

The front page contains the latest statistical data that are updated at 8 am. The release calendar lists in advance all the statistical data and publications to be released over the year. The news carousel contains topical news highlights. The front page also comprises key figures that are updated regularly. The front page also offers links to Statistics Finland's key services and topical themes.

The data on statistics are published in the Statistics section. The section comprises statistics by alphabet, topic, keyword and producer.

The Metadata section contains metadata on Statistics Finland's statistics and descriptions of all statistics produced by Statistics Finland. 

The Data collections section provides information about ongoing and starting collections of data and general information about data collections.

The Products and services section presents Statistics Finland's free and chargeable services.

The News section has an updated list of news and information on coming events.

The Statistics Finland section presents the agency's activity and functions, legislation relating to the activity, the national statistical service and international cooperation. The section also contains information on Statistics Finland as an employer.

You can share pages in social media with the share buttons on the pages. You can access Statistics Finland's social media services from social media icons on the front page.

Open data and interfaces

The interfaces offered by Statistics Finland to open data users can all be found on the Open data pages.


The state of accessibility of Statistics Finland's different web services has been described in the accessibility statement of each service.

If you want more information about the accessibility of Statistics Finland's web service, please contact saavutettavuus@stat.fi.

More information about accessibility can be found in Finnish and Swedish on the accessibility web site maintained by the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland.

Web browsers and responsiveness

The web service works with the most common browser versions. The website is responsive and its content gets scaled by the terminal device.

Attachment files

The web service has PDF format attachment files, for example. For reading PDF files you need a specific reader program, which can be downloaded free from the Adobe website.


Our web service uses cookies to improve the user experience. By using the service, you consent to the use of cookies.

When you use the site, your browser saves a small file on your computer called a cookie. With the help of cookies we recognise the type of device you are using and its features, and receive information about which pages in our service you have accessed with the devise in question. No personal information based on which Statistics Finland could identify an individual user is collected. ClickDimensions, Snoobi and Google Analytics are used to collect statistics on service use. Information is collected on such as

  • The organisation that has registered the IP address (so-called whois data)
  • Name and address of the page the visitor is on
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  • The previous page the visitor was on (so-called referrer data)
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The collected information is used for analytics and to develop Statistics Finland's services. We use cookies to develop our services to become more expedient and targeted.

Cookies can be turned off from the browser settings. This allows the user to prevent collection of data with the help of cookies.

Social extensions

The site contains links and connections to third parties’ websites and social extensions (e.g. Facebook and Twitter share functionalities). The tokens on the site maintained by third parties are loaded from the servers of the services in question.

The terms of use and other terms of the third party are applied to services or applications on the site that are supplied by a third party.

More information on data protection

You can read more about processing of personal data and data protection at Statistics Finland on the data protection page.

RSS feeds

Part of the web service contents can be subscribed to as RSS feeds. The RSS feed icon   can be seen on all Statistics Finland's web service pages on which an RSS feed can be subscribed to. The feeds are available in Finnish, Swedish and English. The contents of the language versions may differ.

Statistical releases:


Statistical releases by topic (26 topics, e.g. Housing):


Statistical releases by statistics (over 160 statistics, e.g. Prices of dwellings):


Legal provision

The aim is to keep the contents of the web service correct and timely. We invest in the reliability of the web service, but technical problems may occur in the web service. Statistics Finland is not responsible for any costs or damages that may be caused by possible errors or technical problems.

Terms of Use

Unless otherwise separately stated in connection with the product, data or service, Statistics Finland is the producer of the data and the owner of the copyright. Further information on the Terms of Use page.

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We are happy to receive feedback and development suggestions. You can send your message using the feedback form.

Further information

Head of Development Markku Huttunen, tel. +358 29 551 3337

Staff email addresses are of the form firstname.lastname@stat.fi