General Terms of Use for free-of-charge data


These Terms of Use apply to the use of the data in the website service, and in the free-of-charge database services and other data products it comprises.

Unless otherwise separately stated in connection with the product, data or service concerned, the producer of the material, and the owner of the copyright and database protection of the material is Statistics Finland. These Terms of Use apply to the tables, statistical graphs, texts and other data material that the service contains.

Statistics Finland does not charge a fee for the use of the material in compliance with these Terms of Use.

The source of origin and the date of the version of the material must be given when the material is used, for instance, as follows (details in italics when required):

  • © Statistics Finland [name of statistics/service], [year, date]
  • Contains data of [name of material/name of product/name of service of] Statistics Finland, [exact date] 2011
  • Graph is based on data of [name of data/name of product/name of service of] Statistics Finland, [exact date] 2011

The user accepts these Terms of Use by receiving, downloading or otherwise making use of the material.

Terms of Use

User Rights
Statistics Finland grants a universal, free-of-charge, irrevocable, parallel right of use to the aforementioned material, which may be freely:

  • Copied and distributed
  • Edited and commercially exploited
  • Combined with other products
  • Used as part of an application or service

Obligations and responsibilities of the user
When using or releasing onwards the material or the products made of it, the user must:

  • Mention the copyright or other right of Statistics Finland in accordance with Chapter 1. above
  • Demand compliance with the naming procedure in accordance with Chapter 1. "General" above when granting licences to a product or service in which he/she uses the material or a part thereof that is subject to these Terms of Use
  • Delete statement of source of origin if Statistics Finland so separately demands.

When using the material the user may not claim that Statistics Finland would support or recommend the mode of use concerned.

Obligations and responsibilities of Statistics Finland
Statistics Finland is not responsible for any possible errors in the material or for direct or indirect damages arising from the use of the material. Statistics Finland does not give a guarantee for the correctness or timeliness of the material or the data in it.

Statistics Finland does not guarantee continuous availability of the material. Statistics Finland does not guarantee that the material will be unchanged. Changes may occur, e.g., when tables are reorganised or new data included.

Applicable law

Finnish law is applied to these Terms of Use.

Changes to the Terms of Use

Statistics Finland may alter these Terms of Use at any time or apply different terms of use to certain material. These Terms of Use will not be altered retrospectively.