Updated industries introduced in the index of turnover in industry

In connection with the statistical release made in February 2023, the newest industries defined by the Business Register have been adopted in the index of turnover in industry. The industry corrections are visible as revised data in some of the published industries for 2021 to 2022. The effects of the changes are taken into consideration in statistics production so that no breaks occur in the time series of the published index series. The interpretation of the statistics also remains unchanged in the renewal.

The data of the index of turnover in industry will become revised in later releases for over a year. The main reasons for revisions to the data are replacing estimates concerning missing source data at the time of publication with actual source data, other revisions or corrections to the data retrospectively and updating of the weight structure.

In connection with the data released in February 2023, the data have been supplemented and corrected more than usual for the data of 2022. This is visible as a change in statistical data in several months in total industries (BCD) and especially in the electrical and electronics industry (26 to 27).

Further information

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Senior Statistician
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