The average Finn

  • Is the average Finn middle-aged? The average Finn also grows older year by year and in 2022 the average age was 43.7 years.
  • My house – my rules? The average Finn lives in a detached house. The average size of the living space is 80.6 square metres. 
  • The average Finn belongs to a coffee drinking nation. Three cups of coffee are drunk all through the day. 
  • The average Finn eats 77.4 kg of meat in various forms per year. A total of 63.7 kilograms of fresh vegetables are consumed. 
  • The average Finn gets paid EUR 3,776 per month for full-time work. 
  • The average Finn drives, pedals or walks an average distance of 14 km to work – when not working remotely. 
  • The average Finn goes for walks or exercises at home when bitten by the exercise bug. 
  • The attraction of TV programmes has not yet vanished, and the average Finn watches TV for as much as three hours and 38 minutes a day. News are also read actively, the majority of Finns read news daily on the web. 
  • Finland is the country of thousands of lakes and summer cottages. The average Finn spends time at a summer cottage by a lake. It is estimated that 2.4 to 2.9 million people in Finland use a free-time residence regularly.

Sources: Statistics Finland, Natural Resources Institute Finland, Finnish Environment Institute, Finnpanel, Finnish Coffee and Roasters Association