News 16 Nov 2020

Finnish Member to the Council of the International Statistical Institute

The International Statistical Institute ISI has elected a Finnish Member to its Council for the first time. Statistics Finland's Group Manager Reija Helenius was elected to the ISI Council for the period 2021 to 2025.  

The International Statistical Institute ISI established in 1885 is one of the oldest scientific organisations in the world. The organisation promotes the use and research of statistical data and highlights best practices and the latest data in the field of statistics. The ISI consists of statisticians and other experts in the field of statistics, such as experts of statistical institutes.

“Understanding and production of statistics and their correct and efficient use are an important part of democracy. It is a question of civic skills, which should be supported all over the world in both everyday life and working life from citizens to decision-makers. The ISI and its networks play an important role in this. In addition to statistics and statistical professionals, it is also important to network with other actors in society, such as educational institutions, libraries and the media, which contribute extensively to the use and production of reliable data," says Helenius.

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The International Statistical Institute has had a consultative status within the United Nations Economic and Social Council since 1949. The ISI cooperates with many international and national organisations and particularly supports the developing regions of the world. Most of the world's statistical institutes are organisational members of the ISI. The ISI has good 4,000 members in over 100 countries.

Reija Helenius was elected Member of the ISI in 2006 and is also a Member of the ISI sections the International Association of Official Statistics (IAOS) and the IASE (International Association of Statistical Education). Since 2010, she has headed the ISLP (International Statistical Literacy Project), which operates under the ISI, and whose task it is to promote statistical literacy in all areas of life, especially among young people.

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Further information: Reija Helenius, Group Manager, +358 29 551 3677