News 12 Dec 2018

Release of annual national accounts data advanced to June in 2019

We are revising the release of annual national accounts data. We will advance the release from July to June. Before Midsummer on 20 June 2019 we will produce data concerning the previous year with a renewed data content. We will give more information about changes in the release content next year.

National accounts describe the economic activities of all units engaged in the national economy, such as production, wages and salaries, consumption and saving. Each person's activity can be seen in the national economy – for example, grocery shopping is included in households’ consumption in Finland. However, national accounts do not show data on an individual person or enterprise, but information is produced on the macro level, from the viewpoint of a certain economic unit – households, enterprises or the public authority. National accounts collects, combines and analyses an immense mass of data and explains many interesting facts about those involved in Finland's economy. As a result of the calculations, data are produced on the profits received by enterprises, government assets and liabilities and employment in the whole economy.

Further information: Head of Statistics Sari Kuisma +358 29 551 2645,