Here you can find information about international seminars and meetings arranged by Statistics Finland.

  • Finnish Presidency of the Council Working Party on Statistics
    Statistics Finland will be leading the work of Council Working Party on Statistics during the Finnish presidency 1.7. – 31.12.2019
    Website for the Presidency of the Council Working Party on Statistics:
  • Figures for tomorrow seminar, 30 September 2019
    Statistics Finland organises a full day seminar in cooperation with Eurostat for users of national and international statistics under the theme "Tiedosta tulevaisuus / Figures for tomorrow". 
    Come and hear, e.g. the thoughts of a MEP on the importance of factual data. During the day, interesting regional data on the population projection will also be published.

Further information about these and other events in Finland and elsewhere is available from Statistics Finland's communication services and International Affairs unit.


Past events