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Statistics on public legal aid describe the matters pending and concluded by public legal aid offices during the year.

It is often necessary to have legal assistance in court proceedings and in other legal matters. Basically, everyone should self pay for the legal assistance that they may need. If someone cannot afford the necessary assistance, it may be provided to them partially or fully at the expense of the state.

For purposes of legal aid, the state has a network of legal aid offices, which are normally located in the same municipalities as the district courts in Finland. In these offices, legal aid is provided by public legal aid attorneys. Moreover, legal aid can be provided by advocates and by other private lawyers. Legal aid is given in any kind of legal matter and it is always applied for from a state legal aid office. Legal aid is granted on the basis of the applicant’s income, expenditures, wealth and maintenance liability.

Data content

The matters concluded by public legal aid offices by legal aid district, legal aid office, category and group of the matter according to time of hearing, deductible, measure and age and gender of the applicant. The statistics also include a so-called work account for the matters pending during the year.

Classifications used

Legal aid districts, Legal aid offices, category and group of the matter.

Data collection methods and data sources

The basic data for the statistics derive from the case processing system of public legal aid offices maintained by the Ministry of Justice (the years 2003 to 2009 and partly the year 2010 from the Julia system, starting from 1 March 2010 from the Romeo system).

Updating frequency

One year.

Time of completion or release

The final data in the autumn of the year following the statistical year.

Time series

The time series of the data drawn from the case processing system of public legal aid offices starts from 2003. The data on 2010 are not comparable with data from previous years.


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