Central government guarantees

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Main topic: Government Finance
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The table on central government guarantees contains data by sector on new central government guarantees, written off guarantees, stock of guarantees, paid indemnities, and revenues from recovery claims and repayments of new central government guarantees granted by the state, state-owned companies and special credit institutions.

Data content

Following items by receiving sector of guarantee: new guarantees, written off guarantees, stock of guarantees at the end of period, paid indemnities, revenues from recovery claims and revenues from repayments.

The data are public.

Classifications used

Classification of Sectors.

Data collection methods and data sources

Questionnaire inquiry among institutions granting central government guarantees.

Data collections

Updating frequency


Time of completion or release

  • First quarter in May.
  • Second quarter in August-September.
  • Third quarter in November.
  • Fourth quarter in February of the following year.

Time series

Quarterly data on central government guarantees are available starting from the last quarter of 1998.


central government expenditure, central government finance, central government guarantee, government finance, public sector, state aid

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