Central government revenue and expenditure by region

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These statistics present data on the state revenue and expenditure by region. The financial accounts of the state have been divided by region in these statistics on even years since 1978. Doing this every second year has been viewed as sufficient, as the analysis is not influential to actual economic policy. Up to 1992, the division was made by province and since 1994 by region.

Data content

The principle of the used regional division has been as follows: consumption expenditure is recorded for the region where the relevant work unit or establishment performing the service is located. Expenditure of the income transfer or subsidy type is recorded for its final target region.

Data on investment type of expenditure have been inquired separately because their calculation also differs from that of consumption expenditure and they are calculated from balance sheet changes.

The data are public.

Classifications used

On the expenditure side classification of expenditure items and on the revenue side classification of tax types. The used regional division was province up to 1992 while region has been used and since 1994.

Data collection methods and data sources

Data on expenditure side have mainly been regionalised on the basis of an inquiry conducted among state accounting offices, while on the revenue side regional data are based on special analyses conducted by Statistics Finland. In certain cases the regional division has been made at Statistics Finland.

The state’s tax revenue is calculated at Statistics Finland in the same even years separately for each type of tax. The calculations are based on the regional location of the real payer of each tax type. Income tax is targeted according to the location of the income recipient, taxes based on turnover according to the location of their eventual payer and other taxes according to the location of their payer. Because of their complexity, a theoretical model has been constructed for certain tax types, such as the value-added tax. The model for the value-added tax is based on input-output calculations.

Data collections

Updating frequency

Compiled for even years.

Time of completion or release

On the expenditure side completion time is approximately one year and on the revenue side approximately eighteen months after the end of the statistical reference year.

Regional breakdown of revenue is available approximately eighteen months after the end of the calendar year concerned.

Time series

The data have been collected since 1978.


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