Statistics on energy consumption in households describe the annual amount and structure of energy consumption related to housing and from which sources energy is acquired for heating residential buildings. Statistics on energy consumption in households are used concerning heating of residential buildings and of domestic water and household appliances. Consumption of heating energy in residential buildings is presented in the statistics according to type of building and energy source. Energy consumption of household appliances is divided into consumption of home electrical equipment, lighting and cooking. The same concepts are used in describing energy consumption in households as in other energy statistics. Statistical data concerning energy consumption in households are produced by means of models that are based on register data on residential buildings in the whole country and surveys on households' electricity use made at regular intervals concerning household appliances. Information is obtained on the prevalence of heating modes from the data of Statistics Finland's Household Budget Survey and Income distribution statistics.

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Statistics: Energy consumption in households [e-publication].
ISSN=2323-329X. Helsinki: Statistics Finland [referred: 26.1.2015].
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Energy consumption in households

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