Statistics Finland produces approximately 200 sets of statistics, whose data are released in this section of the website. Over 600 new releases are made from these statistics each year.

In addition to Statistics Finland, Official Statistics of Finland are produced also by 13 other public administration organisations. This section of the website contains descriptions of the approximately 100 sets of statistics produced by other producers of statistics. These descriptions include links to the statistics released on the web pages of the organisations producing them.

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Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery (39 sets)
Construction (3 sets)
Culture and the Media (2 sets)

Education (19 sets)
Elections (4 sets)
Energy (6 sets)
Enterprises (9 sets)
Environment and Natural Resources (10 sets)
Financing and Insurance (3 sets)

Government Finance (11 sets)
Health (12 sets)
Housing (8 sets)
Income and Consumption (7 sets)
Justice (6 sets)

Labour Market (6 sets)
Living Conditions (2 sets)
Manufacturing (4 sets)
National Accounts (13 sets)
Population (11 sets)
Prices and Costs (12 sets)

Science, Technology and Information Society (5 sets)
Services (2 sets)
Social Protection (32 sets)
Trade (8 sets)
Transport and Tourism (11 sets)
Wages, Salaries and Labour Costs (9 sets)

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