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True Finns the biggest winner in the elections. Coalition Party the largest party in the Parliamentary elections 2011
29 Apr 2011
The True Finns emerged as the winner of the elections as the other parliamentary parties lost their support compared with the previous Parliamentary elections. The True Finns increased their support by 15.0 percentage points, thus gaining 19.1 per cent of the country's votes, which raised it from the smallest parliamentary party into the third largest party in Finland. The number of votes cast for the True Finns gave it 34 additional seats in Parliament. In total, the True Finns got 39 MPs and a total of 560,075 votes in the whole country, which is 447,819 votes more than in the Parliamentary elections 2007.

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10 Apr 2015

Description: Parliamentary elections are held in Finland every four years. Statistics Finland produces official statistics from the elections. The preliminary statistics are published on the Internet, in the StatFin online service and on the statistics pages on Parliamentary elections as soon as possible starting from the election night. The second data, or the final data are supplied to Statistics Finland after the election result is confirmed. After the confirmation of the election result, the confirmed data corresponding to the preliminary statistics are released on the statistics pages on the Internet and the StatFin databases are updated.
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Change: Paper publication tables replaced by database tables
27 Mar 2012
Statistics Finland has discontinued the production of paper publications of statistics on elections.

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