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Majority of advance voters were pensioners
05 May 2017
The voting percentage in the Municipal elections 2017 was 58.9 per cent. Of the persons entitled to vote, 1,169,319, or 26.6 per cent of all persons entitled to vote, voted in advance. Of pensioners entitled to vote, 42.0 per cent voted in advance, 21.5 per cent of employed persons and 18.9 per cent of unemployed persons. The share of pensioners in all advance voters was 46.7 per cent, employed persons 41.0 per cent and unemployed persons 6.0 per cent. The data are based on Statistics Finland's statistics on the Municipal elections 2017.

Description: Municipal elections are held in Finland every four years. Statistics Finland produces official statistics from the elections. The preliminary statistics are published on the Internet, in the StatFin online service and on the statistics pages on municipal elections as soon as possible starting from the election night. The second data, or the final data are supplied to Statistics Finland after the election result is confirmed. After the confirmation of the election result, the confirmed data corresponding to the preliminary statistics are released on the statistics pages on the Internet and the StatFin databases are updated.
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Keywords: candidates, councillors, elections, municipal elections, parties, right to vote, voting turnout, voting.
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Change: Corrected data for the Municipal elections 2012
19 Mar 2014
Texts and tables concerning the Municipal elections 2012 have been corrected on 19 March 2014.

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