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Published: 20 December 2011

One-half of wood material used in Finland is burned

Fifty per cent of the total volume of wood material used in Finland in 2010 was burned. Twenty-two per cent of the wood material was tied up in paper and board, 11 per cent in sawn timber, 3 per cent in wood boards and 6 per cent in exported pulp. These data derive from the use and mass balances in the Forest accounts compiled by Statistics Finland.

Tying up of wood material in end products in 1990-2010

Tying up of wood material in end products in 1990-2010

The large proportion of fuel use is mainly due to the combustion of the forest industry’s wood wastes, such as bark and spent liquor. The proportion has not fluctuated notably in the 2000s although the share of burning has also grown due to increased use of forest chippings in energy production.

The volumes of used wood material have been calculated as dry matter. For example, the average dry matter content of fresh raw timber is 43 per cent. The forest industry’s spent liquors contain approximately 70 per cent and board an average of 65 per cent of dry wood matter. In addition to wood matter, paper and board also contain diverse coating and filler substances.

Forest accounts are compiled from statistics produced by the Finnish Forest Research Institute, Statistics Finland, the Finnish Forest Industries Federation, and the National Board of Customs on the supply and use of wood, and from related national accounts figures for the period between 1990 and 2010.

Source: Forest accounts 2010, Statistics Finland

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