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Published: 7 April 2006

Exports of services grew by good one quarter in 2004

According to the revised data of Statistics Finland's statistics on foreign trade in services, exports of services by Finnish enterprises in 2004 grew by nearly 28 per cent and imports by over 12 per cent from the previous year. The statistics on foreign trade in services do not include tourism and transport services, freights of transport services and insurance and financing services. In 2004 the value of services according to the statistics on foreign trade in services was over EUR 8.3 billion and the value of imports around EUR 4.3 billion. The surplus of service trade grew by nearly 50 per cent from the previous year and was around EUR 4 billion.

In 2004 Russia was Finland's most important trade partner in exports of services. Exports to Russia nearly doubled from the previous year. The Netherlands, China and India also increased their shares from the previous year. Exports of services to China more than doubled from 2003. The significance of India as a trade partner was still minor for Finland, but the brisk growth of India's economy was visible in that Finland's exports of services to India almost tripled from the year before. In 2004 the number of imports of services was highest from the United States. In imports the shares of Russia and Germany grew most. Of the EU15 countries Sweden was the most significant trade partner for both exports and imports.

The value of exports of services from 1999 to 2004 was revised in connection with the methodological and time series reform of Finland's national accounts. The level revision was based on Statistics Finland's extended data collection powers, which improved the possibility to compare the source data of different statistics. As a result of the comparison, the interpretation of the exports of services concept was specified: items have been added to exports of business services that previously had to be assigned to enterprises' intermediate consumption when balancing the national supply and demand of national accounts. The level revised series of foreign trade in services are presented in the appended tables for the years 2000 to 2004.

Imports and exports of services, 2000-2004

Further information about foreign trade in services and other statistical data on internationalisation of enterprise activities can be found in the publication ´Internationalisation of enterprises 2004` released by Statistics Finland on 31 March 2006. A press release describing the methodological and time series reform of Finnish national accounts was published on 31 March 2006.

Source: Commodity Statistics, Statistics Finland

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