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Cost of an hour worked went up by 1.2 per cent in April to June year-on-year
08 Sep 2017
Private sector labour costs went up by 1.2 per cent in April to June 2017 when compared with the respective period of the year before. Seasonally adjusted labour costs increased by 0.2 per cent in April to June 2017. There were three less working days in the second quarter of 2017 than in the corresponding period of 2016 as this year, Easter was in the second quarter and last year it was in the first quarter. In the Labour Cost Index, a decrease in the number of working days has a increasing effect on costs.

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8 Dec 2017

Description: The labour cost index measures the quarterly change in average labour costs per hour worked. The statistics cover almost the whole private sector as well as the central government and local government sectors. Excluded from the statistics are agriculture, forestry and fishing. In addition to the actual labour cost index, the labour cost index includes three complementing indices: the index of wage costs, the index of social costs and the labour cost index without one-off and extraordinary cost components.
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Keywords: costs, indices, industries, labour cost index, labour costs, private sector, social security contributions, wages and salaries.
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Change: New seasonal adjustment software adopted
10 Mar 2016
Starting from the 4th quarter of 2015 data, a new seasonal adjustment software J-Demetra+ will be adopted in the labour cost index.

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