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Preliminary population statistics

Producer: Statistics Finland

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Finlands preliminary population figure 5,509,984 at the end of September
24 Oct 2017
The release contains errors. A corrected version of this release will be published on 30 November 2017.

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30 Nov 2017

Description: The preliminary population statistics contain data on population changes and population structure. In respect of population changes, data are available on live births and deaths in Finland, migration within municipalities, inter-municipal migration, migration, marriages contracted and divorces granted, registered partner relationships, divorces from registered partner relationships, and on granted Finnish citizenships. These preliminary statistics are produced monthly.
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Keywords: birth rate, emigration, immigration, increase of population, intermunicipal migration, internal migration, intramunicipal migration, migration, mortality, natality, population, population changes, preliminary population, vital statistics.
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Change: Migration data of Preliminary population statistics will be revised
09 Nov 2017
Statistics Finland started receiving population change data in a new format at the beginning of 2017.

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