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Published: 13 May 2009

Food and beverages the largest retail trade product group in 2007

Food and beverages accounted for the largest share of retail trade sales in 2007. Their share of the total turnover of retail trade was over 40 per cent. The second largest group was textiles, clothing and footwear, which accounted for approximately 10 per cent of total sales. The share of electronic and domestic appliances of the total turnover was 9 per cent, in which the combined share of computers and telecommunications equipment were clearly less than one-third, or 2.2 per cent. The data derive from Statistics Finland's periodical survey of retail trade concerning the year 2007.

Table 1. Share of turnover of retail trade by CPA heading in 2007

CPA code Label Turnover, EUR million Share of retail trade, % Share of turnover, %
cpa5221 Retail trade services of fruit and vegetables 1133,2 3,7  
cpa5222 Retail trade services of meat (including poultry) and meat products 1515,1 5,0  
cpa5223 Retail trade services of fish, crustaceans and molluscs 357,8 1,2  
cpa5224 Retail trade services of bread, cakes, flour confectionery and sugar confectionery 1451,8 4,8  
cpa5225 Retail trade services of alcoholic and other beverages 2423,0 8,0  
cpa5226 Retail trade services of tobacco products 710,8 2,3  
cpa522711 Retail trade services of dairy products and eggs 1892,4 6,2  
cpa522712 Specialized retail trade services of food products n.e.c. 2961,3 9,8  
cpa5231 Retail trade services of pharmaceutical goods 1970,0 6,5  
cpa5232 Retail trade services of medical and orthopaedic goods 105,5 0,3  
cpa5233 Retail trade services of cosmetic and toilet articles 942,3 3,1  
cpa5241 Retail trade services of textiles 414,2 1,4  
cpa5242 Retail trade services of clothing 2163,7 7,1  
cpa5243 Retail trade services of footwear and leather goods 506,7 1,7  
cpa5244 Retail trade services of furniture, lighting equipment and household articles n.e.c. 1611,8 5,3  
cpa52451 Retail trade services of electrical household appliances 1076,4 3,6  
cpa52452 Retail trade services of radio and television equipment, musical instruments, records and dvds 836,8 2,8  
cpa5246 Retail trade services of hardware, paints and glass 2652,1 8,8  
cpa5247 Retail trade services of books, newspapers and stationery 616,9 2,0  
cpa524811 Retail trade services of office furniture 63,6 0,2  
cpa524813 Retail trade services of computers and non-customized software 518,3 1,7  
cpa524814 Retail trade services of photographic, optical and precision equipment 270,0 0,9  
cpa524815 Retail trade services of telecommunication equipment 150,7 0,5  
cpa52482 Specialized retail trade services of watches, clocks and jewellery and of sports goods, games and toys 1042,0 3,4  
cpa52483 Specialized retail trade services of non-food products n.e.c. 2095,6 6,9  
cpa5250 Retail trade services of second-hand goods in stores 83,9 0,3  
cpa52611 Retail trade services via mail order houses 116,0 0,4  
cpa52612 Retail trade services via internet 405,5 1,3  
cpa5271 Repair services of boots, shoes and other articles of leather 11,8 0,0  
cpa5272 Repair services of electrical household goods 97,7 0,3  
cpa5273 Repair services of watches, clocks and jewellery 11,4 0,0  
cpa5274 Repair services of other personal and household goods 79,8 0,3  
cpa52 RETAIL TRADE, TOTAL 30288,1 100,0 97,6
cpa501 Trade services of motor vehicles 125,6   0,4
cpa503 Trade services of motor vehicle parts and accessories 48,0   0,2
cpa504 Trade, maintenance and repair services of motorcycles and related parts and accessories 9,1   0,1
cpa505 Retail trade services of motor fuel 529,2   1,7
cpa51 Wholesale trade and commission trade services, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles 312,5   1,0
lv TURNOVER, TOTAL 31312,5   100,0

Table 2. Purchases as percentage shares by supplier

Suppliers Percentage share
Manufacturers 31
Wholesalers 65
Others 4
Total 100

Table 3. Percentage shares of stores by sales floor area

Sales floor area of store Proportion of stores, %
Under 120 m2 55,8
120-399 m2 25,9
400-999 m2 9,2
1000-2499 m2 6,1
2500-4999 m2 1,8
5000-9999 m2 0,6
At least 10 000 m2 0,7
Total 100,0

Source: Periodical survey of retail trade 2007. Statistics Finland

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