Database table changed and a corrected review in the statistics on Parliamentary elections

Statistic: Parliamentary elections

Release date: 22.3.2023

Correction date: 27.4.2023 (8:00)

Changed database table

Changed table, id and name

Change in table

13st -- Number of candidates by party and information on current MPs, municipal councillors, county councillors and MEPs in Parliamentary elections

Data on a current county councillor (variable: county councillor) were replaced with data on the election of the candidate in the 2022 County elections because shortcomings were detected in the quality of the original variable. The original data derive from the raw data of the statistics obtained from the Ministry of Justice. New data on the election of the candidate in the County elections were drawn from the data of the statistics on county elections. The data formed with the new variable differ slightly from before. In the table County councillor = elected in the County elections 2022.

Tables are available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

All database tables are available in the statistic in the StatFin-database.

Description of the correction

From the last paragraph of chapter ”Most municipal councillors among the Finns Party candidates” corrected: There are 530 (previously 499) county councillors among the candidates, which is around 22 (previously 21) per cent of all candidates. Of the parties, the Social Democratic Party (previously the Coalition Party) has the largest proportion of county councillors, 44 (previously nearly 42) per cent of its candidates were in county councils.