Frequently asked questions

This page contains questions and answers related to statistics and information search. Frequently asked questions related to data collections can be found in the Data collections section.

Where can I find statistics?

Statistical data are published on the web pages. The statistics are divided under 26 topics. The topics include, for example, “Prices and Costs”, “Education” and “Population”. If you do not know the exact name of the statistics, it is often useful to think about which topic the information you are looking for relates to, and search for the right statistics in the list of statistics by topic. In addition to search by topic, you can search for statistics by the name of the statistics or keyword.

Each set of statistics has its own home page and tables page where you can find tables prepared for the releases and a link to the database tables of the statistics. The most detailed data, for example, data by municipality, are published in the database tables. Statistics Finland’s most extensive open statistical database is called StatFin.

How do I find the population of a municipality for the whole year and by month?

The population by municipality can be found in the StatFin database, where the figure is also available by region and hospital district, for example.

How do I find the population projection for a municipality and the whole country?

The population projection by municipality can be found in the StatFin database. The projection on the municipality level is available until 2040. The projection on the level of the whole country is available until 2070.

How many people live in Finland?

Key population data can be found in the Population section of the Finland in Figures service. More detailed data on Finland's population are available in the statistics on population structure and its database tables.

How many foreigners are there in Finland?

The Finland in Figures service contains the table Population by citizenship. The database tables of the statistics on population structure contain more data on language groups, foreign citizens and population by country of birth, nationality and native language.

How many representatives of different religions or religious communities are there in Finland?

Belonging to religious communities is included in the statistics on population structure. It should be noted that in Finland only persons belonging to religious communities are included in statistics and not all persons practising a religion belong to religious communities.

What are the most popular first names of men and women?

The Digital and Population Data Services Agency publishes information on the numbers of first and last names in Finland. In addition to the name service, information on first and last names can be found in Excel tables in the service.

Where can I find information about the causes of death of Finns?

The statistics on causes of death contain data on the causes of death of Finns. More detailed data on causes of death can be found in the database tables.

How can I get a death certificate of my relative?

The closest relative (in a direct line) or a similar close person may obtain a copy of the death certificate. The death certificates from 1936 to 1965 are located in the National Archive. More recent death certificates are archived at Statistics Finland. Instructions for requesting a copy of the certificate can be found on the page of the archive of death certificates.

How do I find the Cost-of-living Index and check rents?

The Cost-of-living Index point figures needed for checking rents can be found in the database table of the Consumer Price Index ”Cost-of-living index 1951:10=100”. The most recent point figure is also updated on the day of the release in the key figures published on Statistics Finland’s front page.

Instructions (in Finnish) on calculating the rent increase can be found on the page Vuokran tarkistaminen elinkustannusindeksillä.

How do I convert Finnish markka or euro of different years to correspond to today's money?

Finnish markka of the years 1860 to 2001 and euro from 2002 onwards can be converted to today's money by means of the value of money converter or a coefficient.

Where can I find gross domestic product and GDP calculated per person?

Information about gross domestic product can be found in the Finland in Figures service under National Accounts. More detailed statistical data concerning GDP can be found in the database tables of Annual national accounts.

Where can I find information on exports and imports of goods?

Data on exports and imports of goods between Finland and other countries can be found in the statistics on international trade in goods compiled by Finnish Customs. Detailed data on international trade can be found in Finnish Customs’ Uljas database.

Where can I find price information for food?

Price data on food have previously been published in the Consumer Price Index tables, but these data are no longer published. Data can be calculated as a chargeable assignment.

Where can I find the industrial classifications?

An easy way to search for the industrial classifications is to use the Classification expert (in Finnish only). The Classification expert can help you find the correct category by means of a search word.

How do I find the industrial structure?

The share of workplaces in primary production, secondary production and services can be found by region in the Municipal key figures database.

The most recent data on country level can be calculated from the numbers of employed persons by industry in the Labour Force Survey (agriculture and forestry = groups A and B, industry and construction = groups C–F and services and administration = groups G–U).

What is the average pay of Finns? What about the average pays for various occupations?

The average monthly pay can be derived from Appendix table 11 "Average earnings by employer sector and gender" of the latest release of the Index of wage and salary earnings.

Average pay by occupation can be found in the structure of earnings statistics. The most detailed data can be found in the database tables of the structure of earnings statistics.

More detailed information about wages and salaries by occupational title is available in the database tables by employer sector.

Where can I find sales prices of dwellings by area?

The sales prices of dwellings are released monthly in the statistics on prices of dwellings in housing companies. The most detailed data by municipality and type of building, for example, can be found in the database tables.

Data on prices of single-family houses can be found in the statistics on real estate prices.

Where can I find average rents for dwellings?

The statistics on rents of dwellings are released quarterly. The statistics contain the rents of government-subsidised and non-subsidised dwellings by area and number of rooms. The annual statistics also contain data by year of construction. The most detailed data can be found in the database tables.

How many free-time residences are there in Finland?

Statistics Finland publishes data on the number of free-time residences in the statistics on buildings and free-time residences. Data on free-time residences are available by year of construction, floor area, the owner's age and municipality of residence. The most detailed data can be found in the database tables.

How do I know if the message I received comes from Statistics Finland?

Statistics Finland sends a letter or an email in advance to the persons selected for the survey. It contains information on what data will be collected, how they are collected and for what the data will be used. All surveys carried out by Statistics Finland are listed on the data collection pages. Statistics Finland never asks for your personal details or other information by email.

Among those who have answered its voluntary data collections, Statistics Finland yearly draws prizes, such as vouchers. The data protection description of the draws (in Finnish and in Swedish) can be found on Statistics Finland’s web pages. Winning a prize never requires making any payments or giving payment details.

How do I find information related to the coronavirus situation in Finland?

We have gathered news and statistical data related to the coronavirus situation on this web page.