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Official Statistics of Finland (OSF)
Statistics on greenhouse gases contain data on emissions and removals of greenhouse gases in Finland. Greenhouse gas inventory data are used to monitor national emission reduction measures and Finland's international reduction obligations. Proxy estimate, preliminary and final data are published annually.


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A new period starts in the reporting of greenhouse gas emissions and removals – the data are published calculated using the GWP factors of the IPCC's Fourth and Fifth Assessment Reports.
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Finland's greenhouse gas emissions excluding and including the LULUCF sector 1990-2021 (GWP=AR5)

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Emissions without LULUCF71,25469,19767,83170,05875,63571,87777,84976,52872,84272,15970,24575,58377,98485,58881,83569,79381,20279,53071,39067,76575,62667,88362,31862,76158,57655,06457,88855,08456,00352,77947,82247,856
Emissions with LULUCF45,44730,96035,58037,12349,47947,04746,65649,92348,21947,28845,79450,40151,63858,72153,46141,34548,85056,82046,07930,21649,59942,58135,27142,48837,81538,36544,47544,06154,20446,06338,70948,343
4 Land use, land-use change and forestry (LULUCF)-25,807-38,237-32,251-32,936-26,157-24,830-31,193-26,605-24,623-24,871-24,451-25,181-26,346-26,868-28,374-28,448-32,351-22,710-25,311-37,549-26,026-25,302-27,047-20,273-20,761-16,700-13,414-11,023-1,799-6,716-9,113487

Greenhouse gas emissions from the energy sector in Finland 1990-2021 (GWP=AR5)


Greenhouse gas emissions from industrial processes and product use in Finland from 1990-2021 (GWP=AR5)


Emissions of greenhouse gases from agriculture in Finland 1990-2021 (GWP=AR5)


Greenhouse gas emissions from land use, land use change and forestry (LULUCF) in Finland 1990-2021 (GWP=AR5)

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The annual inventory submissions consisting of the national inventory report (NIR) and common reporting format (CRF) of all Parties included in Annex I to the Convention at UNFCCC web site.
Data on greenhouse gas inventory calculation, national system, reporting guidelines, quality management.
Statistics about energy in Finland such as energy consumption, imports and exports, emissions, prices and taxes (Excel tables).
The key documents of international policy on climate change are: United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Kyoto Protocol and Paris Agreement on Climate Change.
Finland's National Communications and Biennial Reports to UNFCCC in the web site of Statistics Finland

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