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Culture satellite accounts

Producer: Statistics Finland
Main topic: National Accounts
Related topics: Culture and the Media
Official Statistics of Finland (OSF): No
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Culture Satellite Accounts are a statistical system which aims at describing the economic contribution of culture. So far, there is no internationally agreed on method for producing culture satellite, but the culture satellite compiled in Finland largely follows the same methods that are used in Travel and Tourism Satellite Accounts, which have been developed in international co-operation. Culture Satellite Accounts have been compiled in different countries, and the actual method is mostly similar but, for instance, the industry selection varies between different countries so the results from different countries are not directly comparable. Culture Satellite Accounts are also called culture satellite.

Data content

The culture satellite describes the position of culture as part of Finland’s national economy. National Accounts are the core of depicting the national economy and Culture Satellite Accounts a specification thereof. The culture satellite produces data on culture's share in output, GDP and employed persons, as well as on private and public consumption expenditure directed at culture.

Classifications used

The basic classifications of National Accounts are used in the culture satellite, i.e. the Classification of Sectors, Standard Industrial Classification (TOL) and COICOP (Classification of Individual Consumption According to Purpose). Certain 5-digit level industries have been selected for the culture satellite and industry groups are formed from these industries. The industry groups correspond with the classification used in cultural statistics as far as possible. A few changes have been made compared with the industry groups used in cultural statistics.

Data collection methods and data sources

The data of the culture satellite are based on the source data used in the calculation of national accounts. The input data of the culture satellite are calculated by sector for separately agreed industries at the 5-digit level and are then summed to the level of the whole economy (different sectors in total) by industry group.

Updating frequency

Data concerning year t are updated in October to November t+2, in addition, regional data are produced separately upon agreement based on available sources.

Time of completion or release

October to November.

Time series

Data according to the Standard Industrial Classification (TOL 2002) are available for 1995-2008 and data according to the Standard Industrial Classification (TOL 2008) from 2008.


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Contact information

Additional information

The culture satellite data for 1995-2005 was produced in the Culture Satellite Accounts pilot project during 2007. The project was funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The final report of the pilot project was published in Finnish (Opetusministeriön julkaisuja 2008:20) and in English (Publications of the Ministry of Education, Finland 2009:13) in the Ministry of Education and Culture's series. After the pilot project, co-operation between Statistics Finland and the Ministry of Education and Culture to produce the culture satellite has been extended annually with a separate agreement.

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