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Investment service companies

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Statistics Finland has been publishing quarterly and annual financial statement statistics on investment service companies since the situation at year-end 1998. An investment service company is an institution that practises the stockbroking, market making, securities trading, emission organising and investment management activities in Finland specified in the Investment Service Company Act, and has an investment service licence required by the Act. Investment service company activities are practised in Finland by domestic investment service companies and by branch offices of foreign investment service companies operating in Finland.

Data content

Data describing the activities of all investment service companies operating in Finland, such as profit and loss accounts, balance sheets, personnel, branch networks, management expenses and other financial statement information typical of the group’s activity. In financial statement statistics, investment service companies are examined as groups formed of independent institutions/decision-making units, and not as corporate groups. No unit-specific data on investment service companies are published but must be kept secret.

Classifications used

Financial statement formulae are based on a decree of the Ministry of Finance on the financial statements of credit institutions and investment service companies and a directive of the Financial Supervision supplementing the said decree. The detailed classifications and concepts used in the data collection are based on the classifications and definitions of VIRATI (co-operation group of Financial Supervision, Bank of Finland and Statistics Finland co-ordinating data collections by authorities).

Data collection methods and data sources

The data are collected as a joint direct collection of Statistics Finland and Financial Supervision from all investment service companies registered in Finland, their owner corporations and from branch offices of foreign investment service companies operating in Finland. The data are collected electronically.

Data collections

Updating frequency

Key data are published quarterly. However, some of the data by detailed breakdown are only updated annually.

Time of completion or release

The printed publication "Monetary financial institutions" is published four times per year. Data on quarters 1 to 3 are published with a lag of approximately three months. The issue for the fourth quarter contains more detailed data for the whole year and is published at a lag of approximately five months. Exact dates of release will be given in advance on the home page of these statistics.

Time series

The new IAS/IFRS financial statement standard was introduced in the financial statement reporting of investment service companies as of the beginning of 2005. Prior to this, quarterly and annual financial statement data produced according to a congruent formula are available on investment service companies for the 1998-2004 period. No consistent, collected financial statement data are available for earlier years.


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