Development strategy for the statistical ecosystem

The producers of the statistical ecosystem have together defined their vision, tasks and strategic development objectives for the years 2021 to 2023. The producers of statistics want to highlight the value and significance of statistics in society, promote the use of data, deepen partnerships and ensure good quality. The development strategy for official statistics has been compiled by hearing stakeholders and customers and taking into consideration the operating environment. 

The producers of statistics commit to the implementation of the development outlines in accordance with the strategy of their own agency. Statistics Finland, as the general statistical authority and the party that coordinates unification, monitors and reports on the implementation of the outlines on its web pages. 


Reliable statistics and data materials for the benefit of society and to support decision-making


  • The parties to the statistical ecosystem produce key statistics and data materials in society in a high-quality and efficient manner with due respect for data protection.
  • The produced data and statistics serve the information needs and decision-making of society, decision-makers and citizens.
  • The data are available to everyone simultaneously and clearly.
  • Statistical work is based on cooperation, adherence to the principles of statistical ethics, ensuring the quality and coverage of data and creating added value for data users. 

Strategic development objectives

  • Highlighting the value and importance of statistics in society
  • Promoting the use of data
  • Utilisation and intensification of partnerships 

More detailed actions 

More detailed actions to implement the strategy are described