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Non-subsidised rents increased in most parts of Finland
05 Aug 2021
Non-subsidised rents continued to rise in most parts of Finland between April and June 2021. According to Statistics Finland, non-subsidised rents increased in Greater Helsinki and in the rest of Finland by 0.9 per cent in the second quarter of 2021 compared with one year ago. The rents of non-subsidised rental dwellings rose most in Turku (1.6 %) and Tampere (1.4 %) and least in Jyväskylä (0.1 %) and Pori (0.1 %). Non-subsidised rents decreased only in Mikkeli ( - 0.2 %).

Description: Statistics on rents (quarterly and annual statistics) depict the level of rents in the rental dwelling stock, and quarterly and annual changes in rents.
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Keywords: dwellings, flats, government-subsidised rental housing, housing, indices, rental flats, rent index, rents.
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Change: The statistics on rents of dwellings has been renewed
09 May 2019

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