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Published: 16 April 2019

Parliamentary elections 2019, result of the preliminary calculation

The result based on the preliminary calculation of the votes cast in the Parliamentary elections 2019 has been published in the database tables in the StatFin database . The biggest party in the elections was the Social Democratic Party with 17.7 per cent of all votes cast. The party’s difference to the second biggest party, the Finns Party, was 0.2 percentage points and to the third biggest party, the National Coalition Party, 0.7 percentage points. In relative terms, the Green League increased its support most compared with the previous Parliamentary elections, by 3.0 percentage points. The final data of the Parliamentary elections according to the confirmed result based on the control calculation will be made public on 24 April 2019.

Support for parties in Parliamentary elections 2011, 2015 and 2019, %

Support for parties in Parliamentary elections 2011, 2015 and 2019, %

Source: Parliamentary Elections 2015, preliminary data, Statistics Finland

Inquiries: Sami Fredriksson 029 551 2696,

Director in charge: Jari Tarkoma

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