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Comprehensive schools had 566,600 pupils in 2020
31 Mar 2021
According to Statistics Finlands education statistics, comprehensive schools had 566,600 pupils in 2020. The number of pupils in comprehensive schools grew by 0.4 per cent from the year before. Forty-nine per cent of the pupils were girls and 51 per cent were boys. A total of 371,400 pupils attended grades 1 to 6 of comprehensive schools and 183,900 pupils grades 7 to 9.

Description: Statistics Finland compiles statistics on post-comprehensive school education leading to a qualification or degree, which draw an overall picture of the students and attained qualifications in education leading to a qualification or degree. All post-comprehensive educational sectors (upper secondary general, vocational, university of applied sciences, university) are covered by these statistics with harmonised concepts and classifications. The statistics contain data by variables like age, mobility, nationality and native language of students and attainers of a qualification or degree. The statistics are compiled from individual-based data with which other individual-based data can be combined. In accordance with the Statistics Act, the personal data from which these statistics are compiled are confidential. As a rule, the statistics produced from them are public. These statistics are produced annually.
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Keywords: citizenship, degrees, education, educational institutions, foreigners, foreign citizens, graduates, qualifications, students.
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Change: Education statistics will be combined
23 Mar 2021
Statistics Finland will combine statistics according to sector of education.

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