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Published: 10 July 2008

Fixed capital stock grew to EUR 460 billion in 2007

According to preliminary data of Statistics Finland, the net stock of fixed capital in the economy grew by 2.1 per cent in 2007. The nominal growth of the capital stock was 8.4 per cent, or EUR 35.4 billion from the year before. The value of the capital stock was EUR 459.7 billion.

The share of residential buildings of the capital stock was 40.8 per cent and that of non-residential buildings and civil engineering structures was 42.7 per cent. Machinery, equipment and transport equipment made up 13.9 per cent and intangible fixed capital as well as major improvements to land, etc., made up 2.6 per cent of the fixed capital in the economy. The share of machinery, equipment and transport equipment of the capital stock has contracted by 5 per cent in ten years. The share of buildings has grown correspondingly.

Consumption of fixed capital, or decrease in the value of capital, amounted to EUR 27 billion in 2007. The share of machinery, equipment and transport equipment of the consumption decreased again and was 29.5 per cent.

Net stock of fixed capital by type of asset 1995-2007*

The capital stock consists of fixed capital used in production, that is, investments made.

Source: Capital stock 2007. Statistics Finland.

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