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Published: 27 October 2006

Growth of households' financial assets strengthened in 2005

Households' financial assets grew by EUR 15.5 billion in 2005. Of this growth, EUR 8 billion came from the risen value of investments, which is recorded in financial accounts as a holding gain. Growth has been stronger than this only in 1999, when financial assets grew by as much as EUR 23 billion as a result of risen share prices. At the end of 2005, investments in financial assets totalled EUR 175 billion, of which shares and other equity made up EUR 62 billion.

During 2005, households increased their investments especially in mutual fund shares. The flow of household money into mutual funds exceeded redemptions of mutual fund shares by nearly EUR 3 billion. This figure is clearly higher than that in the previous record year of 2000. Saving via life and pension insurance stayed very popular as well. Households sold more quoted shares than bought new ones. Deposits grew, but their relative share of financial assets continued to fall. Acquisitions and redemptions (sales) of financial assets are reflected in financial accounts as financial transactions recorded at net values.

Households' acquisitions of new loans amounted to EUR 8 billion more than repayments of old ones in 2005. At year-end, households held loans to the value of EUR 68 billion and other liabilities to the value of EUR 7 billion. The financial position of households continued to show a deficit, as borrowing exceeded investments in financial assets.

Of the accounts included in financial accounts only financial balance sheets and financial transactions are being published at the moment. Holding gains / losses and other changes in volume are not included in data tables.

Change in financial assets of households 1997-2005, EUR billion

Source: Financial Accounts 2005. Statistics Finland.

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Statistics Finland compiles financial accounts covering all sectors annually, but data on general government and domestic quoted shares are also available quarterly.


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