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Households' saving rate grew and non-financial corporations profit share fell in the first quarter of 2020
18 Jun 2020
Households saving rate grew in January to March from the previous quarter. The saving rate grew because households received more compensation of employees while consumption expenditure decreased slightly. Households investment rate remained on level with the previous quarter. The profit share of the non-financial corporations sector fell because wages and salaries paid by the sector grew and value added remained almost unchanged. The investment rate of the non-financial corporations sector grew from the previous quarter. These data derive from Statistics Finlands quarterly sector accounts.

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18 Sep 2020

Description: Sector accounts are part of national accounts. Sector accounts form a large, uniform whole consisting of the non-financial and financial accounts of each institutional sector. In national accounts, non-financial accounts refer to accounts that are used to describe the value of production activities of goods and ser-vices, and the income flows generated by this activity and their progress in the economy. Financial accounts are accounts that describe the stocks of financial assets and liabilities and changes in them. Real and financial accounts are linked to each other, because the deficit or surplus formed of income and expenditure in the non-financial accounts is visible in the financial side of the accounting system as an increase/decrease in assets or liabilities. This statistic focuses on the non-financial account side of sector accounts. It describes each sector’s production, income formation, income distribution, income use and the net lending resulting from these transactions, i.e. the change in the sector's financial position. Financial accounts compile statistics on the financial accounts side of sector accounts.
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Keywords: disposable income, expenditure, government finance, income, national accounts, net lending, sector accounts, sectors, households, non-financial corporations.
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Change: In national accounts, taxes on products and property income and expenditure were corrected
29 Mar 2018
In national accounts, taxes on products and property income and expenditure were corrected.

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