This set of statistics has been discontinued.

New data are no longer produced from the statistics.

This page is archived.

Revisions in these statistics

The data of the statistics have become revised according to the table below.

Revisions to data on annual changes of large enterprises 1)

Reference period Year-on-year change,% Revision, percentage point
1st release Latest release (2020-12-30)
06/2020 -5.2 -4.8 0.4
07/2020 -8.5 -8.1 0.4
08/2020 -9.1 -8.9 0.2
09/2020 -6.7 -6.0 0.7
10/2020 -7.4 -7.5 -0.1
1) The 1st release refers to the time when data for the reference period were released for the first time. The revision describes the difference of annual change percentages between the first and latest release.

Source: Turnover estimate of large enterprises, Statistics Finland

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Head of Department in charge: Mari Ylä-Jarkko

Updated 30.12.2020

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