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Decrease in birth rate stopped in 2020
23 Apr 2021
According to Statistics Finlands data on population changes, the decrease in the birth rate, which has continued for nine years, halted in 2020. At the birth rate prevailing in 2020, a woman would give birth to an average of 1.37 children, according to the 2019 birth rate 1.35 children. Altogether 344 more first-born children and 441 more second-born children were born than in 2019. Altogether 46,463 children were born, which is 850 children more than in the previous year. In 2019, the number of births still decreased by 1,964 children from the year before.

Description: The statistics on births contain all the children whose mother was permanently resident in Finland at the time of their birth. The statistics contain data on the child, mother and the mother’s spouse.
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