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Published: 18 December 2007

Employment grew and unemployment fell in November 2007

According to the Labour Force Survey of Statistics Finland, the number of employed persons in November was 2 472 000, or 28 000 higher than a year earlier. Employment increased only in the private sector. The number of wage and salary earners went up and that of self-employed persons fell. The number of employed persons went up in the Provinces of Southern and Western Finland and fell in the Province of Eastern Finland.

In November, the employment rate , that is, the proportion of the employed among persons aged 15 to 64, stood at 69,1 per cent, which was 0,3 percentage points higher than one year before. The employment rate of men was 71,1 per cent and that of women 67,2 per cent. Adjusted for seasonal and random variation, the trend of the employment rate was 70,1 per cent.

According to the Labour Force Survey, there were 161 000 unemployed in November 2007, i.e. 14 000 fewer than in November of the year before. At 6,1 per cent, the unemployment rate was 0,6 percentage points lower than one year before. The trend of the unemployment rate was 6,8 per cent in November.

According to the Labour Force Survey, the average number of employed persons in the January to November 2007 period was 2 492 000, which is 50 000 more than over the corresponding period in the year before. The average number of unemployed persons was 186 000, or 22 000 fewer than in the January to November period of 2006.

Changes in the labour force 2007/11 – 2006/11, thousand persons

  2007/11 2006/11 Change, %
2007/11 - 2006/11
Employed, total 2 472 2 444 1,1
Unemployed 161 175 -7,9
Labour force, total 2 633 2 619 0,5
Economically inactive, total 1 357 1 350 0,5
      Percentage points
Employment rate, % 69,1 68,8 0,3
Unemployment rate, % 6,1 6,7 -0,6
Labour force participation rate, % 66,0 66,0 0,0
Unrounded figures are used in the Change column.
The data are collected according to the ILO/EU definition.

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Source: Labour force survey 2007, November. Statistics Finland

Inquiries: Juha Martikainen (09) 1734 3225, Pekka Tossavainen (09) 1734 3517, Veli Rajaniemi (09) 1734 3434,

Director in charge: Riitta Harala

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