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1 Introduction

This annual Labour Force Survey publication contains statistical data on employment, unemployment, employment relationships and working hours of the population aged 15 to 74. Towards the end of the review section, we will also discuss in more detail the inactive population and young people that are not working or studying. The data derive from the Labour Force Survey, which is a sample-based interview survey. The data are collected for all weeks of the year. The concepts and definitions used in the Labour Force Survey comply with the recommendations of the ILO, the International Labour Organisation, and EU regulations concerning official statistics.

Annual data of the Labour Force Survey concerning the year 2014 have been published in connection with the publication of December and 4th quarter data in early 2015 (20 January 2015). In addition to the review section, this publication also contains Labour Force Survey time series data and annual data concerning the year 2014.

This present annual publication and the previous annual reviews are available on the web pages of the Labour Force Survey ( force survey) .

Monthly and quarterly data and time series tables from Statistics Finland's database complementing this publication are available on the web pages of the Labour Force Survey ( .

Source: Labour Force Survey 2014. Statistics Finland

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